NLP Labeling Services

How to Outsource NLP Labeling Services

Computers, just like humans, need to understand the instructions given to them. This is where NLP labeling or Natural Language Processing labeling comes in, it enables computers to understand written or spoken language from a human. NLP is an effective solution to making sure computers understand us when we are giving them instructions. However, there is a lot of effort and work that goes into this process. 

For machines to get to the point where they can comprehend the instructions given to them, we first need to train the machines. This is done by feeding tons of data, both written and audio files into the machine learning application so it can train and start to recognise things like names, keywords or parts of speech. The problem is this data is raw and can lead to incorrect interpretation by the machines. Therefore, this data needs to be labeled before it gets processed by the machine learning application. This is known as ML labeling

Labeling consists of various steps and forms an integral part of NLP. Labelers will mark certain keywords, names and images, and label them in order for the machines to develop an algorithm to understand these concepts and know how to react when they encounter these marked items in future communication. It is sometimes also needed to retrain a machine when problems occur. 

NLP data labeling can be done in several ways, and is often a tedious and time-consuming exercise. That is why have come up with various solutions that can assist your business in outsourcing your NLP. We offer multiple services and can solve any NLP labeling problem you might have. 

Data Annotation Formats We Work With

Discover the wide range of data annotation formats we specialize in, enabling us to cater to diverse machine learning projects. From image annotation to text tagging, our team is proficient in handling various data formats, ensuring accurate and reliable annotations for your AI training needs.

pascal voc data annotation

PASCAL VOC and Mask Annotation

imagenet data annotation

ImageNet Annotation

yolo data annotation

YOLO Annotation

Looking For Reliable Data Annotation Services?

Supercharge your Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects with our top-notch annotation services. From sentiment analysis to named entity recognition, our experienced team is ready to provide high-quality annotated data to fuel your NLP algorithms. Take your AI applications to new heights – get started today!

Our NLP Labeling Solutions

Let’s take a deep dive into the specific services offers its customers concerning NLP labeling. Our natural language processing service solutions include:

ai doc

Text annotation

This is where we process data in text format. We will identify aspects such as intent, emotions, requests, orders, names, and other elements in a text to get it ready for you to feed into your machine-learning application. Our data is clean, organized and ready for your machine-learning applications.


Relation extraction

As a vital part of NPL, this is the process of predicting attributes and relations for entities in a sentence. This task is key to building relation knowledge graphs and is very important to structured search, sentiment analysis, question answering, and summarization applications.

machine learning

Named entity recognition

The named entity recognition process identifies and categorizes key information in a text. The identified information is an "entity", which can be a single word or a series of words that refers to the same item. This named entity recognition service task then classifies these words or phrases into an entity linking NLP category. Named entity recognition NLP solutions is one of the most popular data preprocessing tasks.

ai files

Text classification

Our sequence labeling NLP specialists can also assist in classifying entire documents, where they use a single label for an entire body of text.

text annotation

Video transcription

Using automatic speech recognition technology, we can transcribe your video files. This helps with storage space in a big way as video files are much larger than text files.

text labeling

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a valuable NLP technique whereby experts can monitor whether textual data is positive, negative or neutral. This can assist companies concerning their customer feedback and help them make better business decisions in the future.


Chatbot training

Chatbots are a form of AI which will respond to questions asked by users on a website or platform and they also need machine learning to enable them to recognize various questions or statements. We can train your chatbot using your specific requirements.

Data Labeling For Other Types Of Machine Learning

There are various types of machine learning in different industries, so we have diversified our service offerings as well. We also provide data labeling services for other types of machine learning, including:

computer vision

Computer vision annotation

To process data in an image format, we first need to process it into a format the machine will understand. Computer vision annotation consists of manually defining areas in an image and creating an accurate textual description of those areas. These textual descriptions can now be used for training machine learning algorithms.

speech annotation

Speech annotation

Speech annotation is the process of labeling raw audio data to make it ready for machine learning or AI Applications. The process is human-guided and involves keynotes and timestamps to be added to the audio data so machines can recognize it. This is especially important in applications such as GPS devices or tools such as Amazon Alexa.

machine learning

Machine learning data classification

Classification is a supervised task that can be carried out on structured or unstructured data and, in short, is the process of classifying data into different categories. This process makes it easier for the machine to understand the data when applied in machine learning.

Why Should You Outsource To Us?

When it comes to outsourcing NLP tagging and ML labeling services, it’s important to choose the right data labeling companies NLP. Here are the top reasons why is a great choice for businesses around the world: 

The best tools


We use the latest and most advanced tools on the market to complete your project in a timely, professional manner. You can rest assured that you will not be left behind when it comes to technology and the standard at which we complete our projects. We keep our finger on the pulse of all the newest developments within the AI industry and will always have the most up-to-date and fresh ideas for your projects.

Scale fast and efficiently


Business is unpredictable and this makes HR management a nightmare sometimes. It is not easy hiring people and training them only to see them leave. Your workload might suddenly reduce and this can cause all sorts of extra costs when being responsible for an in-house team. When you outsource to us, we take care of all the HR requirements, reducing any risks when you scale.

Focus on the bigger picture


As a business owner, it’s crucial to keep your focus on the bigger picture and develop your business rather than getting stuck with other tasks. We handle your NLP and annotation labeling tasks for you, while you can concentrate on what is important. We will keep you updated with the information you need to know like due dates and progress on certain tasks.

Low labor costs


Our recruiters hire NLP annotation professionals from areas where the cost of living is lower, which means the payroll is lower. This saves you valuable capital.



More often than not, you are under pressure to get your projects completed as soon as possible. have dedicated teams who are recruited, onboarded and ready to start working on your project. Bypass all the HR requirements of hiring your own team and outsource to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our NLP annotation services support many industries, including healthcare, IT, telecommunications, security, e-commerce, real estate, agriculture, and the automotive industry to name just a few examples. We also work with all types of businesses, both new and established, and big and small. 

AI and machine learning applications need structured, organized data to function at its optimal level. We ensure you get this high-quality data to make your development projects easier. 

Cooperation is extremely important to us and we believe that it is the key to success. We work closely with our clients and ensure healthy relationships between the customer and the team of labellers. We offer three options for you to choose from to suit your specific needs:

  • Managed document labeling service

For larger customers dealing with massive data sets, we can supply a dedicated team of labellers for your project/s. 

  • Part-time data annotator

Sometimes you only need part-time NLP annotation data labeling done. Maybe you have just started your business or have a small project you are working on. This is why we offer part-time data annotators to suit your requirements. This helps to keep costs in line with your project budget. 

  • Full-time labeling specialist

For customers with larger data projects, we can offer a full-time labeling specialist who is fully dedicated to your company. Our service offering will keep your costs low while delivering effective and timely results.

Yes, if your project requires a dedicated NLP annotation for machine learning team, you can request this when ordering our services. 

Singing up with us is very quick and easy. Simply fill in the contact form and one of our friendly agents will be in touch with you to discuss your unique needs. 

Time zones can become an issue when working with remote teams and cause problems in communication. With us, however, we work in similar time zones than most European countries and US states. Our teams are dedicated to making it work for you and will be there for you when you need to communicate with them. 

If you need expert NLP labeling experts for your business, simply fill in the contact form. will be in contact to help you find the best candidates for your needs.