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Your Guide to Speech Annotation Services

In our ever-evolving world of technology, we are talking to devices giving them instructions, and expecting them to perform instructions flawlessly. But have you ever thought about how this works exactly? How does a device understand the instructions you give them? For our devices to understand and complete the instructions we give them, they first need to learn all the different possible instructions, which is a major undertaking. 

This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) or machine learning comes in. Machine learning is the process of training the machine to listen and react to our instructions by inputting various audio files into the machine. This is not as easy as it sounds though, as the machine needs to recognise the information first, process it and then teach itself to react to the information when it is given. This is where speech annotation comes in. Speech annotation is the accurate categorization 

Speech annotation is similar to you making notes when given information, except in this case it is done by qualified professionals who label certain parts of the audio or text info being fed to the device or machine for it to better understand and process the info.

In short, speech annotation is the process to enable devices to understand spoken words, human emotions, sentiments, and intentions. It then gives machines the ability to perform verbal instructions given to it by a human being. 

There are various forms of speech annotation and ML data labeling services which are offered by companies such as mllabeling.com. Let’s explore some of these speech recognition service solutions in detail: 

Our Speech Annotation Services

At mllabeling.com, we offer a range of speech annotation ML data labeling services designed to assist businesses to enhance their machine learning and artificial intelligence models. These services include: 

computer vision annotation 2

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation is a process where metadata is added to audio recordings. This enables the user of the audio files to easily find specific parts of the audio file and organize the files into different categories. Audio annotation services are also used for other purposes, for example, music classification to differentiate between genres or instruments, etc.

audio annotation

Speech Data Collection

For our devices to understand us, they must recognize our voices. Speech data collection is the process where audio data is collected and measured through devices already recording our voice commands, such as GPS devices, Amazon Alexa, etc. This data is then used to train other devices to be more user-friendly.

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Audio Data Transcription

Audio data transcription involves converting audio data into a text format. It is useful for audio machine learning processes. There are many types of audio transcription which can also be beneficial in various manners such as increasing storage space capacity, as text files are usually much smaller than audio files. The transcripted data is also much easier to edit than audio data.

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Speech and Audio Data Classification

Audio or speech data classification refers to listening to and analyzing audio recordings. This process serves as the basis of multiple applications in the field of AI and machine learning audio processes and data science such as automated voice translators, chatbots, music genre identification and virtual assistants to name but a few examples.

machine learning

Multilingual Audio Data Services

Throughout the world, there are many different languages and dialects, and this principle needs to be applied to AI and machine learning to relate to all users. Speech annotation services are offered in many different languages to enable these machines to receive and process instructions in any language.

ai doc

Data Labeling for Machine Learning

Data isn't very useful in its most raw form. The same applies to machines. AI and machine learning all start with raw data and this data need to be labeled for the machine to make sense of it. Identifying items such as images, text files and videos in the raw data helps the machine to make sense of the data and improves the learning ability.

Data Labeling For Other Types Of Machine Learning

Labeling and annotation services can be applied to many different types of machine learning processes. Let’s look at a few of the services we offer for other types of machine learning: 

NLP (Natural Language Processing )

NLP or Natural Language Processing is what is used every time devices are given verbal instruction. It gives the device the ability to understand the instructions. Data labeling is an integral part of NLP and without it, the machine can not make sense of the data. mllabeling.com provides various labeling services such as entity annotation, entity linking, text classification, sentiment analysis and linguistic annotation, each playing a different role in the NLP labeling process.


Computer Vision Annotation

Text and audio annotation enables machines to hear and read texts like humans, but computer vision annotation lets them see like a human, literally. This enables the machine to achieve new learning capabilities such as identifying 2D objects in videos and images, identifying road markings and lanes, and many other beneficial actions. This makes technology such as face recognition and self-driving cars a possibility. 

It is necessary to train ML annotation models to differentiate between audio and speech patterns for them to accurately respond to human speech. Audio annotation, like all other types of annotation, such as text and image annotation, requires human judgment to accurately label and tag audio data. For the artificial intelligence (AI) model to successfully link the input data and perform tasks or react accordingly, additional factors like semantic, morphological, phonetic, and discourse data must be identified.

Machine Learning Data Classification

This is a process where the machine itself classifies the data while being supervised. It is a great service for machine learning audio classification tasks. Machine learning data classification can reduce costs dramatically as it does not require the intense labor that manual classification asks. It is an effective route to go when large sets of unlabelled data exist. 

Data Annotation Formats We Work With

Discover the wide range of data annotation formats we specialize in, enabling us to cater to diverse machine learning projects. From image annotation to text tagging, our team is proficient in handling various data formats, ensuring accurate and reliable annotations for your AI training needs.

datumaro data annotation

Datumaro Annotation

labelme data annotation

LabelMe Annotation

mot data annotation

MOT Annotation

Reasons to Outsource ML Labeling to MLLabeling

Today, many businesses choose to outsource when it comes to sophisticated, labor-intensive tasks to complete their objectives. However, it’s important to select the right outsource audio annotation companies to ensure projects and tasks are completed successfully. 

Let’s explore why mllabeling.com is the best option when it comes to partnering with an outsource company:



More productivity

Our machine learning data classification and labeling specialists focus mainly on one customer, task or project at a time, ensuring enhanced productivity. This also frees up the time of your staff, allowing them to focus on other parts of your business.


Enhanced speed

We have access to professionally qualified candidates that have already been vetted to do the job. As soon as you give the go-ahead, we can start with your labeling project and complete it within the agreed timeframe every time. This saves you time, and money and lets you deliver your project on your due date.


Top-class technology

Our specialists work with the world's best and most advanced tools to enable them to deliver perfect and timely results to you as the customer. Our data annotation, audio labeling and machine learning services software will meet your specific requirements for every task.


Opportunity to scale

With us, you have the opportunity to scale up or down at any stage and do not have to commit to all the HR requirements by hiring staff yourself. This is a massive advantage in today's unstable and unpredictable world economy.


Lower costs

Working with speech annotation and audio recognition machine learning specialists based in areas where living costs are lower, we are able to maintain lower payrolls which directly translates to lower costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our services or data annotation or labeling services in general? Below we answer a few common questions.

Yes. At mllabeling.com, we offer a variety of options including the option of a dedicated team only working on one customer’s projects. 

In today’s technologically-advanced business world, almost all industries use or will soon use AI and ML services. Therefore, our services are not tied to one or two specific industries. Whether you’ve just started your business or have been around for a century, we are here to attend to all your data labeling and annotation needs. 

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