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How to Outsource Machine Learning Data Classification

Our world is becoming increasingly more dependent on data. Data is the backbone of almost all industries and supplies companies with valuable information on all sorts of topics to make better business decisions. 

One problem that we begin to face when having so much data is it becomes difficult to know where to look for what information. For this reason, machine learning labeling and data classification is extremely important and enables us to make sense of the heaps of data we can access nowadays.

Machine learning labeling and data classification assist us in that it does all the hard work for us. AI technology allows us to feed data into a machine, and it will label and classify the data for us, saving us hours upon hours of manual labor and money. Before we get to this point though, we will need to “train” the machine how to do it, so there will always be some element of manual labor to start with. However, once the algorithm is in place, there is no limit to what these machines can process. 

There are many different types of machine learning data classification which can help various industries classify their data into different categories. The only limit is how many categories you can come up with and the data available. This practice is most commonly used in complicated projects such as speech recognition, face detection and handwriting recognition and has helped us tremendously in the development of, for example, security technology. 

Machine Learning Data Classification Service Solutions We Offer 

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At mllabeling.com, we offer various data processing service solutions to suit your specific needs. Let’s delve into these solutions:

Data Classification

We will help you classify your big data sets with a dedicated team of data classification machine learning experts at a reasonable cost. Let us take care of the time-consuming work while you focus on the bigger picture and make a success of your project. 

Search Relevance

Our text classification and image filtering approach make our labellers tag entire sentences, paragraphs, images or texts to make search results more user-friendly. The machines learn to categorize documents, classify products or mark emotions and by doing so improve the user experience. 

Image Sorting & Filtering

Save valuable storage space by sorting and filtering images. This helps you in getting rid of unwanted or old images and enables you to easily find images when it is needed. 

KYC Verification

Protect your business against fraud, corruption and all other online financial crimes by letting us help you with our KYC service solutions. KYC or in other words “Know Your Customer” services ensures the safety of your business by establishing a customer’s identity with first contact as well as periodically to prevent any unfortunate events that may end up costing you money.

Metadata Capture

When dealing with big sets of unlabeled data, it is very difficult to find the information you are looking for. We help you capture this metadata and process it to a point where you can find your information easily and fast when you need it. 

Link Sourcing

Link sourcing is a method whereby customers’ interests are tracked by employing mining for specific keywords or topics. We can assist you in performing this task and get you the information you need to market your product or service to the correct target audience. This eliminates all the unnecessary expenses on massive marketing campaigns and puts you in direct contact with potential customers. 

Data Labeling For Machine Learning

AI can massively contribute to your business, but there will always be some human element to start with, and this takes up valuable time and money. We can dot the initial data labeling for you to input into your application and save you this time, money and effort. 

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Data Labeling For Other Types Of Machine Learning

Data labeling machine learning services can be applied to many different types of machine learning processes. Let’s look at a few of the services we offer for other types of machine learning: 

NLP Labeling

NLP or Natural Language Processing is what makes our machines understand the people issuing them verbal instructions. NLP sentiment analysis and labeling services such as entity annotation, entity linking, text classification and linguistic annotation are what NLP labeling consists of. 

Computer Vision Annotation

Our computer vision annotation services, including COCO data annotation and LIDAR annotation, enable machines to perceive the world as humans do. These processes help identify 2D objects in videos and images, recognize road markings and lanes, and accomplish various other tasks for swift and effective information processing. 

CVAT Annotation

CVAT annotation, a crucial aspect of our offerings, enhances the precision and efficiency of data labeling. By using this open-source tool, we streamline the annotation process, ensuring more accurate results for computer vision tasks.

Machine Learning Data Classification

This is a process where the machine itself classifies the data under supervision. Machine learning data classification can reduce costs dramatically as it does not require the intense labor that manual classification asks. It is an effective route when large sets of unlabelled data exist. 

Reasons to Outsource to Mllabeling.com

Outsourcing always rings the cost bell at first in any business owner’s thinking, but if you investigate it you will see that many times outsourcing is the answer to some of your problems. Outsourcing your data labeling and processing needs could be advantageous as you do not have to deal with small details such as recruitment or keeping track of due dates, etc. At mllabeling.com, we pride ourselves in the fact that we make the business owner or manager’s life easier by taking on a given project and delivering results timely, effectively and at a saving. Here are the benefits: 

Fast start

In the business world, we are always under pressure to deliver fast and efficiently. Our candidates are recruited and ready to start with your project as soon as we get the word go. This saves you time and money by avoiding the recruitment and onboarding process. 

Scale up and down

Business is unpredictable and this makes HR management a nightmare at times. It is not easy hiring people and training them only to see them leave or your workload reduces within the first few months. With outsourcing to us, you can scale up and down with your team as you see fit. 

The best tools

Our business only uses the best AI data classification tools and software out there to deliver fast and effective results to the customer. You can rest assured that we are always at the forefront of new technology and applications to perform at our very best. 

Labor costs

We work with ML data classification specialists that offer very reasonable rates because they come from areas with a lower cost of living. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have questions about our services, you don’t have to look any further. Here, our team answers the most common questions: 

Do you process image data as well?

Yes, our labeling machine learning specialists are the best at image processing, ensuring you save on storage space and find the information you need fast, easily and reliably. 

Which industries do you offer services to?

We offer services to healthcare, IT, telecommunications, security, e-commerce, real estate, agriculture, and the automotive industry to name just a few examples. At the end of the day, all industries work with some form of AI or machine learning components, so we serve all types of businesses in all industries. 

How do you sign up for services from mllabeling.com?

If you’re ready to invest in data labeling for machine learning services, simply fill in the form for a convenient call-back option. Thereafter, one of our agents will call you to discuss your specific needs and offer you a solution. 

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