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How to Outsource NLP Sentiment Analysis Services

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s important to find ways to gather customer feedback effectively. Today, many businesses make use of NLP sentiment analysis to obtain information about customer needs. 

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to identify whether data is positive, negative or simply neutral. Sentiment analysis is usually performed on textual data to assist businesses to monitor and manage brand and product sentiment in customers’ feedback and better understand customer needs.

Together with machine learning annotation, sentiment analysis is used by businesses to look at customer messages, interactions with call centers, social media posts, online reviews and other content. Changes in people’s perceptions of businesses, goods or services, as well as specific features of those goods or services, can be tracked using sentiment analysis.

Types of Sentiment Analysis Services We Provide  

We specialize in a range of data service solutions that cover a wide spectrum of customer needs, from sentiment analysis to image and object annotation.

Graded Sentiment Analysis

When content is not polarized into positive, neutral or negative, graded sentiment analysis — also known as fine-grained analysis — is performed. Graded sentiment analysis receives a grade on a predetermined scale that permits a much more in-depth examination.

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

Typically, this kind of sentiment analysis data service is only done on one part of a service or product. For instance, if a company that sells televisions employs this kind of sentiment analysis, it may be for a specific aspect of televisions, such as brightness, sound, and so on. so they can comprehend how customers feel about particular product features.

Multilingual sentiment analysis

Multilingual sentiment analysis makes it possible to extract brand insights from native-language customer feedback without the need for translation. Indeed, it is one of sentiment analysis’ most crucial features.

Emotion detection

Emotion Detection, also known as Emotion Recognition, aims to identify the emotions conveyed in texts. These emotions include joy, anger, and sadness. This gives businesses an idea of how customers feel about certain aspects, including products and services. 

ImageNet Annotation

Our team of data specialists also offers ImageNet Annotation services. This includes image recognition and classification tasks that enable deep learning models to understand and interpret complex visual data effectively.

PASCAL VOC and Mask Annotation

We also provide PASCAL VOC and Mask Annotation services. These assist in precise object localization and segmentation, which is vital for advanced image processing applications and computer vision technologies.

YOLO Annotation

To complement our object detection and image annotation services, we offer YOLO Annotation services. This method ensures speedy and accurate real-time object detection, crucial for a variety of applications such as autonomous vehicles, security systems, and retail analytics.

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Reasons to Outsource ML Labeling to Us

Running a business takes up a lot of resources, including time. As a result, many of them choose to outsource certain tasks to a sentiment analysis company instead of trying to hire in-house staff. 

To ensure the successful completion of tasks or projects, it’s important to partner with the right natural language processing sentiment analysis outsourcing company. Let’s look at why mllabeling.com is the ideal company to hire for outsourcing sentiment analysis machine learning services:

Increased speed 

We have access to job-qualified professionals who have already been evaluated. We can begin working on your labeling project as soon as you give us your go-ahead and always finish it within the agreed-upon timeframe. You can complete your project on time and for the agreed-upon price as a result of this.


With us, you can scale up or down at any point, and you won’t have to worry about meeting all of the HR requirements by hiring employees on your own. In the current world economy, which is unstable and unpredictable, this is a huge advantage.

Top-notch technology 

Our sentiment analysis natural language processing specialists use the most cutting-edge tools in the world to accomplish their goal of providing you, the client, with flawless results on time. For each task, our software will meet your specific requirements.

Saving costs 

We can maintain lower payrolls, which directly translates to lower costs, because we work with sentiment annotation specialists based in areas where living costs are lower.

Increased output 

Our dedicated machine learning sentiment analysis specialists concentrate primarily on a single customer, task, or project at a time, resulting in increased output. Your staff’s time will also be freed up as a result, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

The Models of Cooperation We Offer

cooperation models

Because we understand that every client has unique requirements, we offer a range of effective models of cooperation that suit different business needs. These models include the following: 

Managed text classification service

Good text classification is becoming increasingly important for any business. Text data that is properly organized enables businesses to extract significant insights from data, which aids in the automation of various business processes. Mllabeling.com provides a variety of text classification solutions to meet the diverse data classification goals of various businesses.

Part-time NLP sentiment specialist dedicated to your project

For any business that wants to improve customer service, it’s important to invest in the right services to collect feedback on products and services. At mllabeling.com, we offer NLP sentiment specialists that can work part-time on your machine learning annotation tasks or projects when needed. The benefit of this model is saving on hiring costs and reducing the risk of full-time employment. 

Full-time NLP sentiment specialist fully dedicated to your project

For more extensive projects, we offer full-time contextual semantic search specialists dedicated to your project alone. These experts are available to you during all business hours, ensuring you meet your deadlines on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a question about our services or NLP sentiment analysis and intent analysis services in general? Here are some frequently asked questions answered by our team:

Is it possible to have a dedicated team that only works on the projects of one customer?

Yes. At mllabeling.com, we provide several different choices, one of which is having a dedicated team that only works on the projects of one customer. The benefits of this include enhanced productivity and saving time and money. 

What kinds of businesses do you serve?

Customer service is important in every business, and in every type of industry. As a result, we offer sentiment analysis NLP services for all types of businesses, both big and small, and in every industry. 

Is it easy to scale when partnering with you? 

Yes. With us, you can hire sentiment data analysis specialists only when you need them. So, as your business changes and grows, you can add experts to your team without the risks of full-time, in-house employment. 

How can I get in touch with you or sign up for your services?

For a quick and easy callback, simply complete the contact form. After that, one of our agents will call you to provide you with a sentiment analysis data set solution and talk about your specific requirements.